Please view the answers to some of our FAQs below. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

Absolutely! Whether it’s for initial CPR or first responder training or for ongoing training and development in your company, we will be happy to travel to meet your specific needs in your work environment.

No, all our courses can be taught in French and English.

Yes, many of our courses are offered on weekends. For the evenings, these are shorter courses such as CPR or hemorrhage control. However, depending on your schedule, we can adapt to your schedule and create a training plan according to your requests.

Following the course, the information is sent to our Canadian Red Cross partner who enters it into the system to produce your card. Depending on the number of participants, the cards are issued within a week.

Of course we are! Depending on the field in which you need a certification, we are recognized by most organizations such as the CATA. To be sure, send us an email at info@smiq.ca.

The pandemic brought its share of adaptations and changes; however, we were able to offer quality training by modifying certain practices according to the recommendations of the Public Health. Presently, training continues with mandatory masks and frequent disinfection.

We have many training courses that are offered on demand or on a scheduled basis that are open to all. On the Courses page you will see all of our training courses from CPR to emergency medical responder to specialized courses such as wound care.

The SportMedIQ course is our very identity, it is a Canadian Red Cross First Responder course, however it is reserved for professional sports medicine practitioners. The focus is on topics specific to the sport context without forgetting the rest of the content required for the first responder certification.

Absolutely, many of our courses have no prerequisites. If a prerequisite is required, it will be listed on the registration page. If you are not sure which course is right for you, email us at info@smiq.ca.

It is rare that you have to provide equipment. The cost covers all training and practice materials. However, if a specific tool is required, it will be mentioned at the time of registration.

Unfortunately, not. Unless there are exceptions (e.g., a pandemic) we are not allowed to extend your certification. We can help you apply for an extension if we feel your reason is valid, however it is very rare that it is accepted. You normally have 3 years to renew, so don’t waste time and sign up for your renewal on time!

All of our courses are geared towards learning by doing and this is even more true for the tactical courses. The level of stress created by the scenarios in addition to the movement of patients or others can be more demanding. You are responsible for your own health, if you have any doubts contact us before the course, but especially during the course do not play superhero and do not try to exceed your comfort level.

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